Recover Your Property From Flood Waters

Strengthen your Redmond, WA property with water damage restoration

There was a leaking pipe behind your walls, and you’ve successfully gotten it under control. Before you patch up the drywall and forget about the incident, it’s important that you address any water damage. Reach out to TCG, Inc. of Redmond, WA for water damage restoration services.

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3 reasons to address water damage as soon as possible

If there has been a flood or leak in your home, it's important to confront it as soon as it happens. Here are a few benefits of addressing water damage in a timely manner:

  1. Prevent mold growth from affecting your quality of life
  2. Avoid structural issues caused by the spread of fungi
  3. Deter dangerous pests that are attracted to standing water

Work with TCG, Inc. to address the water damage on your property.

Learn how water damage in Redmond, WA affects your property

When water reaches your property, it doesn't only promote mold growth and cause water stains. Water can cause damage to your property in Redmond, WA by:

  • Warping wooden structures
  • Causing rust on metal surfaces
  • Making drywall break in flakes
  • Spreading water damage to furniture

Water damage affects more than material objects. TCG, Inc. knows that it also affects your health. Water damage can expose you to mold, bacteria and other organisms.

If the source of the water, such as a toilet, can cause contamination, health risks are higher. If the flooding is caused by a sewage issue, the water is known as "black water." Black water is the most dangerous to your health. Swift water damage repair is necessary.

Don't hesitate to rely on TCG

Call TCG, Inc. at 206-618-4685 as soon as possible. If you reach out to us quickly, we can stem the tide of damage. You can count on us to arrive quickly to assess your property, stop the damage from progressing and begin the water damage repair process. We even offer emergency services 24/7.