Who Offers Roofing Services in Redmond, WA?

Turn to TCG, Inc. for commercial and residential roofing services

A storm passed through and wreaked havoc on Redmond, WA. Most of your neighborhood survived it, but your roof didn’t. Whether you have a gaping hole in your roof or a small leak, you can rely on TCG, Inc. to address it. We offer commercial and residential roofing services to repair your roof damage, take preventive measures to deter mold and confront water damage.

Dial 206-618-4685 now for emergency roofing services.

3 ways roof damage can affect your home or business

You shouldn't procrastinate when it comes to repairing roof damage. Here are a few consequences of ignoring roof damage for too long:

  1. Your belongings and merchandise can be ruined by water damage
  2. Your property can become infested with small animals and insects
  3. The structure of your building can be compromised by rot and rust

Discuss your roofing issues with TCG, Inc. and we'll resolve them for you.