We'll Get Ahold of That Mold

Find mold remediation services in Redmond, WA

One of the leading causes of environmental illness is mold infestation. If you’re concerned that mold could be affecting your health and quality of life, turn to TCG, Inc. of Redmond, WA. We offer premium quality work and use the best products to rid your home of any sign of mold. We pay close attention to detail, and our work is inspected by our owner. We’re available to meet with you at a time that fits your schedule.

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3 signs you may have mold in your home

Mold is a major concern in many homes, but it can be difficult to know if it's lurking in your space. Here are a few signs to look out for:

  1. You are experiencing allergy-like symptoms
  2. There have been floods or leaks in your home
  3. You notice a musty, pungent odor

You can rely on TCG, Inc. to remove the mold from your home.

Take advantage of our mold damage repair services in Redmond, WA

You can count on TCG, Inc. when you need mold damage repair in Redmond, WA. We're reliable because we work with high-quality equipment, we're known as restoration specialists and we have decades of combined experience.

Over the years, our mold removal professionals have handled mold with skill. You can expect us to remove all visible signs of mold. Then, we'll help you lower the risk of a mold recurrence. We'll identify potential sources of the problem and assist you in eliminating them.

You can count on our restoration professionals to fix your property

Along with mold damage repair and mold remediation, we're well-equipped for a variety of building repair tasks. We can customize our mold damage repair services for your situation. If our mold removal team finds extensive damage to your property, you can count on us to repair it.